Although the term "graphic design" was coined in the 1920s, the art form has been an integral aspect of visual communication for thousands of years. Ancient books and even prehistoric cave paintings contain early examples of graphic design. Today's graphic design industry encompasses a wide range of disciplines. It's an exciting area that's always changing, but because of its adaptability, it can be difficult for a newbie to understand exactly what graphic design is and what types of work specialists do. You've come to the correct place if you're looking for a beginner's guide to graphic design. Continue reading to learn more about graphic design, view examples, and learn about different design occupations.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' 2020 Occupational Outlook, the graphic design field is expected to grow by 3% through 2030, which is slower than average. Employment forecasts based on long-term projections may not reflect short-term economic conditions or job growth. However, it does not mean that you have a smooth sailing when applying for graphic design jobs. Competitiveness comes with the territory in many fields of the arts.

What is Graphic Designing?

The visual parts of a project are composed and arranged by a graphic designer. An example includes designing the layout of a magazine, creating a poster o a theater performance, or designing packaging for a product. Whether it's adding text to an image for social media or color-coding a spreadsheet for work, almost everyone nowadays engages in some type of graphic design in their everyday lives.

What is the Main Purpose of Graphic Designing?

The purpose of graphic design is to convey an appropriate message. Great graphics aid in communication. For example, a graphic designer may use different colors to emphasize which metrics are increasing and which are declining that aids in highlighting what is going well and what needs to be adjusted.  It is also possible for well-executed graphic design to evoke an emotional response or motivate the viewer to take action. To learn an well executed graphic design, try to gain your knowledge in graphic design courses. A website's sign-up page, for example, would typically be designed to entice visitors to join an email list or sign-up for a free trial.  On the other hand, any food packaging design aims to make the food item seem more appealing to eat. But as a graphic designer, there are several responsibilities as well. We have another article where you may refer to know the responsibilities of a graphic designer

Highest paid job roles

  • Art director 

You can improve the appearance of the facility. You can also manage by advising on different art styles and elements used in a piece of art. It's important to communicate effectively. Each work of art will appeal to a specific audience, thus it's important to view several versions of the same item based on prospective target groups.

  • Creative designer 

You'll bring a lot of enthusiasm to meetings. Being a creative designer necessitates an open mind and a positive outlook. By employing great communication skills and sharing your insight on what trends are working in the world of advertising, campaigns, and graphics, you'll try to develop solid relationships with clients. As a creative designer, you must be aware of each generation's preferences and know which campaign strategies would be most effective.

  • Brand Identity Designer

You will perform meetings to ensure that your client's brand is being represented effectively as a brand identity designer. You will identify a brand's message and build client relationships through honesty. For this profession, communication is the key. A brand identity designer has to work with the clients very closely and on a daily basis. So that they could understand the brand vision.

  • Design Director 

Design directors have the opportunity to demonstrate their communication skills as they interact with budget details, set meetings, and ensure that products and experiences are positive and on time. They have to work on multiple projects and with a team.

  • Freelance Graphic Designer

Above all, as a self-employed designer, you will have complete control over which projects you take on. It's critical to be able to focus on numerous projects at the same time. Because you'll be dealing with a variety of clients with diverse brand identities, the organization is essential.

How to Become a Successful Graphic Designer?

Mainly to become a graphic designer you need some skills. So if you want to learn these skills, then there are several graphic designing course in kolkata are available which will help you to gain proper skills and in-depth knowledge. So that your career can get a proper speed.