Game designing and game development are now one of the most sort-after careers. It is the most lucrative industry which is growing at the rate of 5.31 percent per year. Not only that, the demand for the video game designers is forecasted to grow by the industry experts as well. As per the Deccan herald, there is a need for 40,000 manpower in the gaming sector. So you are smart enough to decipher how many job vacancies are there, right? 

Grads of the game design degree or diploma program have the creativity, skills, and knowledge that will equip them to work in the rapidly growing video game industry. Have a head start in creating the next generation of innovative video games. But, today in this article we will discuss about the job roles you can get placed if you have a degree or a diploma in game designing.

Types of job roles as a game designer

In terms of job roles, the possible choice for aspiring game designers is immense. The role of a game designer is diverse and incredibly versatile. They can either be freelancers or they can work for multinational companies. Below are the possible career options if you are having a degree/diploma in game designing : 

  • Game Animator

A game animator is the multimedia master. He or she is responsible for using a combination of technology, art, and imagination to create interactive animated images. 

  • Game Audio Engineer

They work on mixing ambient sounds with dynamic sound effects and background music of the game to bring life to the world of games. Audio engineers understand the essence of games and build dynamic audio to bring life to the world of games.  

  • Game Designer

The responsibility of a game designer is to create characters, puzzles, art, and animation and to build levels as well. You have to bring creative ideas to the table. You will also have to build prototypes and transform a narration into interactive and as a game designer, you will also have to develop all the mechanisms of the game. 

  • Game Programmer

They are considered a brilliant software engineer and the best computer scientist. A game programmer uses codes to create a various programme that will be read by video game systems. They have to choose the best coding language which will be best suited for a gaming platform. Although these days programmers use game engines to create a games. Nowadays, they don't have to write lines of code for creating a game. This work is now done by these game engines.  If you want to know more about the game engines. Here is another blog to help you out with the best game engines

  • Creative Game Director

They have to check and make sure the video game project looks perfectly alright and in every aspect. They are in charge of the overall view of the video game project. 

  • Game Artist

A game artist has the responsibility for all the aspects of game development that require visual art. They have to make 2D or 3D art forms for the visual elements of the game.

  • Game Marketer/PR

A game marketer/PR has a vital role in the game designing process. They have the responsibility of delivering the developer’s message and making sure that it has been taken well by the public who will be using that particular game.

  • QA Game Tester

After the final submission of the game takes place, now the role of a QA game tester takes place. They have to give their final approval. They also have to make sure that the mistakes are getting fixed along with the problematic bugs. Finally, the QA game testers have to check whether the game is working properly or not. 

  • Game System Designer

They have to work hand in hand with the programmers, producers, and all the other domains which are embedded within the game i.e. starting from designing to developing game functions. 

How to get into gaming industry?

For the aspirants who want to slide into this lucrative sector, for them, there are several game designing courses. These courses are like pillars. They strengthen a student's career will efficient skills and by giving them an in-depth knowledge.